Monday, May 7, 2012

(The Freemasons/Illuminati secret society)Archangel Lucifer who became a (fallen angel)…Archangel Lucifer surrenders…gives up the throne…To the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ (yahweh)…

Archangel Lucifer returns to light….
                        Archangel Lucifer surrenders..

Lucifer, whose name means, “Light Bearer”. 

when you become a 33 degree Freemasons They tell you that Lucifer is God…He is head of the Occult group for the conspiricay Theory the new world order…He gave up the throne and surrendered to the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ Yahweh…Archangel Lucifer returns to being a great Archangel. Time will tell of all this..Archangel Lucifer

Archangel Lucifer is no longer part of the secret society Occult group of the Illuminati/Freemasons.

Lucifer was a “great” Archangel, Prince, and the anointed Cherub (7th Dimension - Cherubim). Ever after his fall he still seems to retain some of his power and ancient title. There are many different variations of stories and legends on Lucifer.
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